Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dirty Platte Meeting Summer Session-Finals and New Model

Well with only a few days left till school starts the summer of the DPC draws to an end. We had our final summer meeting and our second session with our new model Michelle, who's a real pro and a cool person to boot. I had a lot of fun getting out with the group and also having Michelle over to paint at my place. I think we got out and about quite often this summer and had a great time as we always do joking with each other and sharing and caring about art--along with our usual DPC brand of humor. here are my two paintings of Michelle, started at the DPC session and finished up later.

Dave and Will painting away...

Will's study
Joel's study.

With school back in session we'll have to come up with a new schedule to meet and paint, maybe in school or even out and about the city. I really felt that painting outside of the school environment was essential to my growth as an artist this summer and also having a great group of talented and supportive friends is something you can never underestimate as being a vital part of that growth.