Saturday, June 19, 2010

DPC Summer Studio-- Session 4

The DPC started our summer session this last week in the studio. It wasn't a full tilt group as two or three of our regular members either haven't moved in yet or couldn't make it, but Dave, Lexi and I set up a little still life and went about painting into the evening in the new gang studio. The shot above is of my side of the studio which has great views of the city and south light.

Here is Dave's rough in
Lexi was trying acrylics while Dave and I used oil.
Here is my painting after I got it pretty well blocked in--still a ways to go on this but I feel its a good start. Once again its a great thing to have the energy and camaraderie of good friends around when working. I like the energy and flow of ideas you get as well as the laughter. I want to employ some of the "thinking" on creating a space and an arrangement of values and atmosphere I got from the workshop I just took with Peter Van Dyke. i can't wait to get back into the studio this week!
Lexi painting away
Dave mixing colors before starting.