Saturday, January 9, 2010

DPC- The BIG Update

(More To Come Soon -brief description)

So here we are after months of no updates, but here we go. This semester at school has been a busy one at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. It wasn't till our winter break when time began to free up. It has been a busy month off, and I am happy to say I enjoyed every bit of it with the DPC members. A lot of the break was spent seeing shows at galleries with painting on the side.
Here is our visit to the PMA (Philadelphia Museum of Art). Our group consisted of Mike Manley, Joel Shambe, Sue Beccaria, and myself. It was a beautiful day, besides the cold, bitter harsh mistress that is winter.

Mike and Joel ready to blow there heads off in this exhibit. Basically it was a white room with many white panels, each being the same size and color, saying the same thing in different voices, and i quote, " Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday". Over and Over again!!!!! My how the art world has gone down the toilet. Sigh...............

This is an oil sketch done by Thomas Eakins. The Legend at our school.
I really enjoy his work, and seeing his progression work.

A portrait done by the Wonderful John Singer Sargent. Who's show i saw this winter. An amazing show at that.

Here is a painting done by my favorite surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. I recall going to his exhibit years ago when it came around to the PMA. I was still in High School, so I didn't get all I could have gotten as opposed to if i went now. I hope to see it again in my lifetime.

Mike taking pictures of the beautiful sunset awaiting of exit of the PMA.

"John Singer Sargent Exhibit"

This was an amazing day to be an artist. The DPC took a trip out to see
The John Singer Sargent show in Washington, DC, then followed it up with a visit to the
National Portrait Gallery. The members on this trip consisted of Mike Manley, Joel Shambe, Lexi Thomas, and once again myself. We all meet up at Manley's house bright and early, so we could get a full day in. From there on we began our long adventure on the open road, which consisted of dirty jokes, coffee, and smackdonalds breakfast sandwiches. 4 hours later we arrived at DC and ate lunch at Pot Belly restaurant. Finally we made our way through the clean streets of DC towards the Sargent Exhibit.

The White House. We considered walking up the grass and hanging with Mr. Obama
for the day, but being shot on sight didn't seem all that great. So we pressed on.

Here is Mike Joel and Lexi taking pictures of each other and the White House in all its glory.

Lunch at the Pot Belly

The stairway to heaven. AkA Stairs to Sargent

Mike and Joel discussing and breaking down the painting into technical theory to better understand how Sargent went about painting it.

Sargent Drawing done in Charcoal and White Chalk

Sargent Charcoal Drawing

Sargent Charcoal Drawing

Sargent Painting

Sargent Painting

Sargent Painting

" The National Portrait Gallery"

Richard Nixon Presidential Portrait Painted by Norman Rockwell.

2nd Place Winner of the

The Washington Portrait done by Gilbert Stuart.

Lexi posing with the sculpture. Caught her off guard in the photo.

Mike snapping photos of every painting in the gallery.

Joel Standing by the original study of Washington done from life. From what I'm told, this painting was used to complete the other Lansdown Portraits.

"Landscape Painting At Jane Winters"

Lunch Time for the DPC.

My Painting in progress

Jane Winter's Painting

Jane hard at work on her landscape.

Mike Manley's finished painting for the day.

Mike concentrating on his masterpiece

Lexi Thomas's Pastel drawing for the day

Lexi Multitasking , petting dogs and drawing at the same time is no easy task.