Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dirty Palette Club Back In Action

After a spell yesterday the DPCC got back together at mi casa for an afternoon of jokes, goofing, art-talk and of course painting a crazy still life! It had been a while since we gathered in my house to paint, our last gatherings had been to see art or plein air paint, so it was fun to hang with the gang and paint away like we started a few years back now. Will did a handsome portrait of me and you can see an in-progress of it abouve.
Dave and Will have a few laughs...
Dave painting away
Here is our crazy still life setup-we called it the Two Towers.
Here is the start of my painting block-in.
This pictures is was taken as a little while later as I started slapping on the paint.
This is the final painting, I had to bum paint off Dave and Will as I left all my paints at school, so I will need to put a little retouch varnish on this to bring up the colors even as the darker colors sunk in a bit. There was so much fun stuff to paint in this piece, from the little Mickey head to the pig yp the faint blue reflected light on the wall next to the ecroche.
Dave's painting of my Lost In Space Robot.
Will's final painting of me. We plan on getting together weekly now like we did in the past to just hangout and paint in the looser and congenial atmosphere of the DPC.