Friday, January 14, 2011

Jon Foster Show / Portrait Painting

The DPC decided to start the new year off strong and start up our weekly painting/drawing sessions. Today we met up early to see the Jon Foster show, held at The University of The Arts. For anyone who has not seen this show, it's a collection of his digital work. As much as I enjoyed the show, I was kind of hoping to see some of his traditional paintings. Looking at a digital print has no hold over me like a painting. After that we grabbed some lunch and moved along to our painting session.

The photo taken above is of Scott Noel, one of PaFa's greatest professors. Here you can see him working on a large city landscape from observation. Its always quite an inspiration to catch him working on one of his drawings or paintings.

Mike Manley and David Golas grabbing some grub.

Here we have Christine who was initially just visiting us, but instead became our model for the day since our previous model could not make it.

David and Mike painting away

Mike Manley's Painting - Oil on Canvas

William Sentman's (Myself) Painting - Oil on Canvas

David Golas's Painting - Oil on Canvas