Sunday, October 31, 2010

DPC Fall Paintout

Yesterday the DPC gathered and fellow DPC member Jane Winter's beautiful house in Villa Nova for a little painting of the beautiful fall colors before the wind sweepsall the great color away. This was almost exactly a year to the day we went painting down at the Wyeth museum in Chadds Ford last fall. It was cool, but a lot warmer than last year, still there was a brisk wind the whole time which blew my painting off the easel twice.
Will and Alina looked for places to set up and paint as we all walked around Jane's beautiful house and yard, but the sun was moving quick and we knew the light was going to go fast so we quickly chose our spots and busted out the paint kits.

Alina is using her mother's old easel from when she attened the Fechin Academy in Russia named after the famous Russian painter, Nicolai Fechin. Fechin is a big favorite of many of us at the DPC and a particular favorite painterof mine and Alina's

Alina started firing in right away, painting mostly with the palette knife.

Our host the beautiful Jane Winter, she is one of the best people I know and a talented painter to boot!

Your's truely mugging for the camera...

Lexi painting away, she was using acrylics with a extender to help them take longer to dry.
Will was firing away too, going for the big shapes and a bold composition.

I walked around and snapped pictures after about 45-1 hour or so to see where everybody was with their painting. Its always interesting to me to see what attracts peoples attention as a painter, Alina and I were attracted to the same spot, so it was really interesting to see what she would make of the same thing. I was attracted but the path the shadows from the trees cast along the lawn and the transition from the cool foreground to the splash of orange/warm leaves across the fence. I reminded me of the famous painting Sargent did in Broadway...sadly I am not Sargent.

This handsome little painting jane knocked out in about 45 minutes following her critics advice at school to do more quicker paintings of no more than an hour.
Then Jane being the gracious host she is set out a scrumcious spread for lunch!
We had a lovely lunch and the doggies did too!
Here is my final painting, once again I think if the sun had stayed out i could have gotten it to pop a bit more, but those are the breaks.

Alina's final painting.
Alina was trying to figure out how to sign her painting and then decided against it all together.
Lexi relaxing and reading with jane's dogs

Will catching up on his sleep, they both finished early, then I wrapped up my painting and Alina was the last painter standing, working till the sun and set below the tree line, she just couldn't let go of the rapture of nature....
I think Chewie, Jane's oldest and wisest dog had it all figured out, sit on the warm sofa and wait for cookie crumbs!! It was a great day and despite me still having a bit of a cold, even a fever I felt it was worth it to get out and paint for an afternoon, it is something I have really missed since being in Arizona and painting this past summer. I hope we can do it in the next week or two again.

Viva La DPC!