Friday, November 26, 2010

Illuxcon 2010

The DPC has taken yet another trip to Altoona, PA for the 3rd annual Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, Illuxcon. Each year the crowed gets larger and larger, and this year was no exception. Unlike most conventions that are more about Hollywood stars, and vendors, Illuxcon brings together the big names working in the Illustration field today, to share their artwork and business advise to the young and old artists who seek it.

Here we are the night before, talking up a storm and goofing off at our friend Mike's house.
This year to avoid any delays in our trip we all slept over.

After the long 4 hour drive, we stopped by our normal hot dog joint for a bite to eat.
great prices and good food.

This was the first lecture on the Saturday agenda. The talk was on the business aspect in the Illustration field. A panel of artists discuss, present, and visualize the various approaches taken to achieve success in a career in the arts, from commercial commissions, to conventions, to gallery exhibits.

Here Donato Giancola was discussing his process to the DPC.
The thing I love about Illuxcon most is how open the professionals are to questions.

Painting by Donato Giancola

Donato Giancola showing us his process starting with the thumbnails in his sketchbook.

This was Erik Gist's first year at Illuxcon. Meeting him was a great inspiration because I have been following this tutorials on his blog for years now. If I could repeat my education all over again with ideal conditions, I would have went over to the Watts Atelier on the west coast ans studied with Gist.

Painting by Erik Gist

Here the DPC talks with David Palumbo, professional Illustrator/Fine Artist as well as a fellow student from PaFa.

Photos by Mike Manley and myself