Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meeting 13

This last Thursday was our 13th meeting of the Dirty Palette Club and we gathered after our late Thursday classes in the cast hall in the HLB (Historic Landmark Building) as they call the old school these days. the hard core members were in attendance and we spent the evening drawing and painting away. I am working on a big painting for my Figure Comp class that has to have two rooms in it and a figure. I made pretty good progress on it and figure another 2-3 passes should finish it. I laid into it quick with the palette knife to load in the big masses of paint I need to cover the canvas. I am really trying to go for the atmosphere in this painting and the cast hall has such great mood and lighting. We only have 3 more weeks in the semester and then we are done with classes but the DPC then will take it on the road over the summer and explore painting in and around the city.
Here is my setup in the cast hall and you can see early progress on the painting.

Joel working on a drawing of Brutus by Michelangelo.

Dave and will, mock me...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vincent Desiderio Workshop

Well folks it nothing else is to be said, this weekend was the most inspiring/informative two days I have had in a long time. I spent Saturday and Sunday with one of the most profound contemporary artists today. working from 9-5, two days straight with Desiderio, sure makes the brain wanna explode....but in the best of ways. Ill cut to the chase here. The workshop involved learning how to work from a photo as a painter. Saturday's agenda was based off of lectures, photographing the model, and the beginning stages of the drawing/painting. Sunday was a full 7 hours of intense painting full of critical advice by Vincent Desiderio. I was joined by some of my fellow DPC members to this event, including Dave G. and Joel S. Without their additional guidance and critical opinions, I feel the workshop would not have impacted me as hard as it did.

Joel's Painting at the workshop.

David's Painting at the workshop.

My (Will Sentman) Painting of the workshop.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

DPC Meeting 12

Once again the DPC took action, reared its ugly head, and gone where no artist has gone before.......
well....kinda. Tonight we spent our evening within the confines of the Academy's very own cast hall. With no model to paint from, we all decided to work on interior paintings.

This was my painting for the evening (Will Sentman). Tonight I began painting, starting by blocking in the big shapes and matching my values correctly. I am also experimenting with Mylar for my painting surface. So far I have not been involved with it enough to from an opinion.

Here was the craft of Mr. Golas. This was the 2nd painting session for him. From my understanding, his main focus was the same as mine. Blocking in the big shapes while retaining the correct color/value's.

And last but never the least, Mr. Manley's piece of the evening. Mike was in the same boat as me tonight, in terms of a fresh start. This is mike's block in with value being established.