Friday, June 19, 2009


Despite the rainy weather here in Philly, 170% above average for the season so far, the DPC meet for it second summer painting session yesterday. Dave couldn't make it but Will came along and once again Jamie came to pose for us for the evening. The painting above is the finished painting which I completed from a picture I snapped of Jamie, but I stared the initial block in and painting while she was sitting. I wiped out and gave it three restarts last night before I got something I didn't want to punch my fist through.
Will paints away, he had a pretty dramatic composition going on.
Jamie sat and watched The City of Lost Children on demand was we painted away.

Here is one of my rough-ins which got rubbed out, I was really fighting it this evening, but a bad start means a bad finish.
Yours truly painting away
in my living room, fighting my sinus headache and my painting at the same time.

I have really been pushing myself to do at least one or two portraits outside of the class I'm doing every week. I'm working on being looser, yet still have the solid drawing, and it's a real fight. I've been studying my favorite artists like Sargent, Fechin and really trying to push the values and color/temperature -plane changes in my strokes.

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