Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Session 3 The Yellow Chair

The DPC gathered again for our weekly meeting, this time at school. I was taking the Painting Interiors workshop with Peter van Dyke this week and figured why not kill two paintings with the same brush. After searching a bit for a subject to paint, I along with Dave settled on the yellow chair again. I had painted it earlier in the week, but once again that chair just sung out to us to be painted. It would be one ugly chair to have in your house, but it's great to paint in that environment at school.

Eventually Joel and Lexi showed up and we spent the afternoon painting away before the light changed too much. As always we have lots of fun with jokes flying about as much if not more than paint. Its also funny how the school can become a different place and subject when you are not in class.

Dave's chair painting.

My painting of the Yellow Chair.

Joel looks at Dave's watercolors, you can see some of them over on Dave's blog. Next week we move into our group studio!


Scott Cohn said...

man, i wish i was hanging out working with you guys all day. looks fun!

annhovsepian said...

Michael, I love your painting of the yellow chair! I wanted to let you know that I recently posted a note on my Facebook page (a reflection on thanksgiving that referred to a quote about a yellow chair) and I posted your photo of this painting alongside my note. My profile is private so only about 200 "friends" can view the page and I did clearly state that you were the painter... however, if you'd prefer that I didn't post the photo, just let me know. Or I can post a link to this blog and give you some exposure. :)

So, let me know, and keep up the great work! I wish I could paint.

(By the way, if you ever decide to sell the painting of the yellow chair... let me know!) :D