Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meeting 10

Today was our 10th meeting of the DPC, but it was lightly attended, only Will and myself painted. Chuck my buddy from next door and our model for our previous weeks portrait painting stopped by for Pizza. Since time was short and Will and I figured we'd set up a simple still life for this evenings painting. We'll set a longer still life next week when the rest of the DPC would returns to our illustrious club. Above is my painting of the three apple still life and is roughly 3 hours of work. 11 x 14 on canvas.
Here is a shot of will painting the same still life and below is his final painting of the night.

I am also happy to announce that three of the DPC got paintings accepted into the Philadelphia Sketch Club's annual Art of the Flower competition. Congratulation's to Dave, Will and Christina! All of the paintings were almost hanging together.

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Kelly said...

Mike, I love your painting. It's not fussy and I love the way the apple on the right is brighter in color and tone, but has a nice loose quality to it. It's in the background but feels like it's in the light--is that making sense?

And your friend Will's painting has such great character in those short, wide, and angular brushstrokes--really nice.

Which of the paintings in that last photograph are the ones from the DPC.