Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meeting 9

Once again the DPC had it's weekly meeting of mirth and art. A lot is going on this last week before the spring break from school. A few of us were also getting ready to submit our paintings to the Philly Sketch clubs Flower show. So Christina was framing her painting and adding a coating of retouch varnish which I had already mixed up in a 5-to-1 batch. One part varnish to five parts terps.
Judy stopped by with a dozen Duncan Donuts which went well as appatizers before the pizza arrived. It was a low cal night.
Chuck our model chatted music with Joel.

Here is my painting which is close to finish, one more round should do it.
Here is Christina's painting which I think is coming along really great, she made a lot of progress this week.

Next week the group is going to try some plien air painting while on Spring Break.

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