Thursday, April 2, 2009

DPC Meeting 12

Once again the DPC took action, reared its ugly head, and gone where no artist has gone before.......
well....kinda. Tonight we spent our evening within the confines of the Academy's very own cast hall. With no model to paint from, we all decided to work on interior paintings.

This was my painting for the evening (Will Sentman). Tonight I began painting, starting by blocking in the big shapes and matching my values correctly. I am also experimenting with Mylar for my painting surface. So far I have not been involved with it enough to from an opinion.

Here was the craft of Mr. Golas. This was the 2nd painting session for him. From my understanding, his main focus was the same as mine. Blocking in the big shapes while retaining the correct color/value's.

And last but never the least, Mr. Manley's piece of the evening. Mike was in the same boat as me tonight, in terms of a fresh start. This is mike's block in with value being established.

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johnynrockers said...

wow. You have great art in your hands dear. Awesome
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