Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirty Palette Club - Session 5

Today was a great day for the Dirty Palette Club. Good Weather and a Good Challenge.
We spent our time in a parking lot across an old boat yard. Well that's what I thought it was anyway. Intitally we tried to paint on the other side of the fence, but access was not granted, and my Jedi mind trick is getting sloppy.

Here is our crew for the evening, which included Mike Manley (Showing us all how tasty Chick Fil A food is), Joel Shambe, David Golas, and myself (William Sentman)

Here was my finished painting for the evening. I was pretty happy with the results, being that landscape painting is new to me. With great art comes much practice and that's why I continue to push myself at any cost.
Here you can see Dave Painting away with his Palette Knife.
This was an early photo for Dave's painting. I did not capture his finished work apparently.
Hopefully Mike will post it up for everyone. I thought It was his best landscape yet.

Ahhhhh and our good buddy Joel decided to join us today on our excursion. I was pleased to know he was coming out with us. And a delight it was.

Here is Joel's Finished painting for the day. The two things that really draw my eye in is the crates in the foreground and the structure upon the ship. Overall I think its the lighting that really drags me in.

And who cant forget about Mike. Here he is painting away deep in thought about what color and or value that building is. Whats great about Mike, in my opinion, is his increase of surface size each time we go out to paint. Each time he manages to get enough information down that reads well.
And here is Mikes finished paining for the day.


Tina said...

aww, you guys. so much fun.

tonypetersart said...

These are awesome, Mike. And that ship looks like it would be fun to paint.