Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dirty Palette Club-Summer Session 4

Today the DPC decided to return to the fresh polluted skies of the city and do some Landscape painting. We planted our selves at a nice open park in West Philly. With luck on our side, we made it throughout the day with no pestering Drunks or Rain. Just good old sunshine.
We also had our first encounter with a fellow painter (outside our friends) who was interested in joining our group. Hopefully we will hear back from her. The DPC is always looking for new artists to join our league.
Heres Mike working on his lovely city scape.

(Above is the finished result of Mikes painting for the day.)

David working his painting. From what I was told his primary focus was on that red fire hydrant in the foreground.

My finished Painting for the day. I ended up redrawing some things out which led my finished painting to be a bit on the flat side.

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