Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dirty Palette Club Summer 2

On what ended up being is very hot and humid day in Philly the DPC got together for our second summer session at PAFA. It was our second pose with our model Jessica. Some members like Alina didn't come this week but Lexi joined in to keep the balance of the force. We have two more sessions with the model and then we'll see what's nest, maybe some landscapes or even a still life. the nice weather-even if a bit warm makes us want to take it on the road and paint some landscapes and embrace the sunny dyas after an incredibly rainy Spring.
Dave with his painting.
Will started a new painting this week and here is his block-in.
Lexi started out strong with a great block-in.
Joel always looks comfortable as he paints away.
Here is my second pass on the painting, i went in and repainted and repainted again and again all over trying to dig in deeper and match values better and not worry about the details until later. It's always great to paint with the group, sometimes we laugh so hard it's hard to not mess up your painting or see through the tears of laughter! It is so incredibly important to have a great support group of friends as an artist out there swinging for the fences every day.

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