Saturday, June 4, 2011

DPC Summer on the Go!

The DPC has really been having a lot o fun so far since school is out and the summer has kicked off. We have still been meeting weekly to paint and to do our group trips around the city and region to museums shows and First Fridays. We hit the Woodmere Museum to see the Violet oakley exhibition and then had a nice BBQ after at Jane's place.
I finished my painting I had going in our session at school.
Lexi working--er-joking away.
Two happy campers before their coffee break. We stopped in the Good Karma Cafe on Pine Street in Philly where we saw several painting hanging by PAFA alum Joseph Lozano.
Then this saturday Will and Jane and I went landscape painting over in Havertown, just down the road from me and I painted this little landscape.

here is Jane painting away.
Here is Jane's painting--she was on fire and finished her painting in about 90 minutes!
Will meet the owner of the farm or land and they invited us to come and paint any time.
here is Will's painting--a beaut!!

Friday Dave and lexi and I did the gallery walk for First friday--and i do mean walk--we walked just about the entire city it seems and hit all the major galleries from Gross Mccleaf, Seraphin, Rodger LaPelle, FAN and Artist house.

Lexi being stalked by a tree.....

Next week we plan on getting back out to landscape paint and work from the model.


Kiran Chiluveru said...

Nice to see your team work process ..really liked it

Michael Manley said...

Thanks Kiran, I can't tell you how important it is to have such a great group of friends as an artist.