Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Return to Darby Road

The DPC headed back out this week and a few more friends came along this time, our friends David Wilson and Diane Feissel joined in for a gorgeaous Saturday's afternoon of painting. We returned back to our secret spot on Darby Road and everyone quickly made the rounds to find a spot to paint. Alina was here for the first time since she was back in Toronto for the past few weeks.

The Jeep was full of gear this week! Try as I might I still end up carrying extra stuff which always seems to come in hand--like baby oil, which is great for removing oil paint and much better than using terps as that pushes the paint right into you skin...

Everyone picking their spot and setting up.

Alina framing her composition.

Diane set up in the meadow across the road.
Lexi set up on the bridge.
Dave had a little trouble with his easle so Alina gave him a hand by finding a few flat rocks--the McGiver or Toronto!

Dave eyeing his painting.

Alina painting away!

I decided to try painting a small painting of the horse barn and knew it would be a race with the sun.
Here is my block-in...
Dave's handsome painting of the Darby Road Bridge.

My painting at the finish line, I wish I had an extra 45 minutes on this one as I ended up havng to re-mass and repaint a lot of the trees in the background as the light changed by the end so much.
Alina's bold-brush landscape.
Jane decided to draw this week instead of painting.
Diane's cool small canvas hiding inside of a carryout bag from pod.

It was a great day and we had a great time despite the bugs, we ate our llunch at our usual spot the Llanarch Diner. I can't wait to go back out next week!

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