Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting 4--A Birthday & A New Member

We just held the 4th meeting of the DPC this Thursday evening and celebrated our buddy Joel's 35th Birthday and welcomed our newest member Christina Weaver, a fellow classmate from PAFA.

I've always admired Christina's work ever since first semester last year in Professor Grimly's cast drawing class. She did an awesome drawing of the cast of Brustus I am still envious to this day. She an awesome painter too and one of my friends whose work I always look forward to seeing. Christina was welcomed with open arms, dirty palettes and sometimes the dirty mouths of her fellow painters in a fun filled, laugh fest, oil smeared evening at Casa Del Manley.

As soon as my Art history class was done we beat feet for Upper Darby and little Saigon for dinner before we set about to paint away the evening. We also used it as an excuse to give Joel a birthday cake, courtesy of H Mart.

Then fed and happy we set about constructing a quick oddball still life setup on my dinning room table and went at it DP style.

I don't know if we painted more or laughed more, or tortured our new member more in a hazing ritual worthy of any raunchy college fraternity, but we sure had fun.

I think the good spirits in turn turned into interesting paintings which we will go back and try to finish up next week.

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