Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Second Coming

the other day we had our second gathering of the DPC at my house, this time Jeff showed up along with my buddy and grand poobah of cartooning, Jamar Nicholas. We had a great time and Judy , jeff's wife and fellow PAFA student dropped in for a visit as well. We took turns posing again, this time Jeff and Dave. I knocked out two quickies, the last one of Jeff was just a quick rough-in.I'm pretty-so-so on my two, but that's the way it goes. I needed to keep to the bigger shapes more, which sometimes I get lost on if I spent a lot of time recently drawing comics--hence drawing detail.
Here is Dave's nice, bold block-in.
Here is Will's nice solid block-in.

Jeff did several watercolors, nice and loose.

Dave and Jamar chat and check out a bunch of art mags.
Will working on a pose of Jeff.
Here is a close up of my painting of Dave. I think the likeness is decent but the drawing got funky and it's too tight in the wrong way, but you know I learn something on each painting I do, even if it's what not to do next time. As always we had a great time and spent at least half the time laughing till tears were rolling from our eyes, that's worth an afternoon with these fine gentlemen alone.

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Well it looks like you have fun !!!
I have a club Levittown Artist, it seems since 911 the painting interest has fallen off.
We meet every week.How many active members are in your club? Do you Meet every week? I just like to compare clubs to improve.
Happy brushing.