Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting 5

This week's DPC meeting was another mix of fun, oil paint and dishing. After class we all hiked back out to my place while trying to not fall on our collective glutes on the icy streets of Philly. The dishing started with a dinner served by your's truly of my "World Famous" Curry Chicken. Then we hit the palettes and painted away. Above is Christina's finished still life of Mickey contemplating the void and perhaps the future of the Disney Corporation and our collective fates as well.
Will tried out the Liquin detail medium as he worked more on his painting of David and Mickey.

Here is my go at the still life with a bold block-in, I really want to get back into it soon and hack away at it.

Christina is looking at the new book on the Pennsylvania Impressionists
I picked up at the Michener Museum a few weeks back. I think we'll try and tie this still life up next week and then start something new, maybe a flower arrangement.

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