Friday, February 6, 2009

Meeting 6

Thursday was the 6th meeting of the esteemed DPC, and this time a change of venue was in order, we met up and painted at Jackie and Will's place, and the subject was a still life of flowers as we all want to enter the Philly Sketch club's art of the flower show. Above is the final set-up we were to paint. We also added another new member, Sarah Jewett, a fellow student at PaFa. It's great to have another gal in the group, and she even bought the beer!
While we all warmed up after the walk from school to Jackie and Will's apt., Dave called up Joel on the phone.
Dave and Sarah start arranging the still life.
Will and Sarah finished setting up--I couldn't wait to get at the canvas.
here is Joel's floral painting for the evening.
We all grabbed some eats down the street and Dave looks like he really had something important to tell Jackie.
Sarah and Christina were so serious about being artist this time around.

I blocked in my big shapes and then went for it.

And here is my final study for the evening. this is the first floral painting I have ever done. good lord, when I younger the idea of painting flowers would have given me hives, but now I look at any subject as a challenge and something to be attempted. For my final painting I will adjust the composition and use several of the photos I snapped that evening.

I have to say, I so look forward to getting together with my buddies each week and painting away. Their knowledge, energy, humor and encouragement are a great source of fun and nourishment for me. Their dirty senses of humor don't hurt either.

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