Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meeting 7

This was our 7th meeting of the DPC, and word is now spreading through school about our little club. In fact if everyone interested were to show up, there wouldn't be room for them.

But our core group returned this week, and after a nice chicken curry dinner served up by yours-truly, we se about setting up and painting. I asked my long time best buddy Chuck Van Zyl to pose for us for the next three weeks so we could get in a nice long painting session on his pose.
The pensive Christina mocks us with her glare.
Will's rough block-in.

Dave's block-in.
Christina's block-in.

Joel painting away.
Chuck was a great model, they guy never moved. Some models are all a figit the whole time, and on top of it all he could laugh at our terrible jokes and not move.
Here is my tonal wash-in, next week I'll start pushing in the color.

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